I have shot over 40 music videos, over 100 short documentaries,  over 10 narrative shorts, over 150 weddings and countless projects for promos, events, dance, fashion, red-carpet, educational, corporate, live-music, EPK, interviews and how-to-video. You can see them below.
I own full HD production package (Canon C100 Cinema Camera) + HD DSLR package + Greenscreen Studio + Lights + Sound.
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Jacob & Co. (Jewelry) – Canon C100

My Brother (music video) 

POS (Commercial) – C100

Erika & Dan (wedding) -C100

Cohero Technology (Medical Video) -Canon C100

SCAM (crime drama) 

Designing with tile (webisode) 

BINGO (narrative) – Canon C100

Lisa + Brendan (wedding) 

Birds (music video) 

Bye Bye Baby (music video) 

Kathleen + Dave

Untitled (music video) 

Kids Music videos A

Shapeways (startup video) -C100

Atmananda Yoga (Fitness) 

NightBox (narrative) 

Spotlight (music video)

Larissa + Nicholas (wedding) 

The Otherworld (music video)

Straight Out of Wall Street (music video) 

TNA (horror) 

Lanie + Jake (wedding)

Kids Music video B

Domino (music video) 

Next to Me (music video) 

Biscuits & Bath (promo) 

Bria Skonberg (EPK) 

Amor Fati (narrative) 

Virtue Foundation (documentary)

Urban Future Lab (corporate video)

Roll Dice (music video) 

LLTLO (music video) -Canon C100

Pickup (documentary)

Tonya (crime drama)

Billy Butcher (music video)

ITSL (Interview)

Hindu Wedding 

Japanese wedding

Susan & Josh (wedding)

How I Got into Autoerotic Asphyxiation (Comedy) 

Voices of Dignity (fundrising video) 

Nhojj Documentary

Kimberly Taylor Fall/Winter 2011 (Fashion) 

V’s Secret (Comedy) -HVX200A

Amazing Grace (music video)

Julia + Dan (wedding) 

Charles Crest (How-to video)

Shit Yuppies Say (Comedy) 

Hanukkah Mannequin (Comedy Central) 

Interview with Kenji Hayasaki

Jen + Doug (wedding) 

GOTHAM Beauty (Red Carpet) – HVX200

INTA (corporate video)

Team Japan (Live Music event)

Fire Fly (music video) -HVX200A + Canon 60D

Jane + Bobby (wedding) -AF100 + Canon 60D

Played Out (music video) -HVX200A

Pride Toast Master (Interviews) -HVX200A

BALI Leadership Video (interview) – HVX200A