Commercial & Corporate Videos

This page shows you my cinematography work for commercial. I own full HD production gear (Canon C100) + HD DSLR package.
Click HERE to see a list of my equipment.
And click HERE to see my studio in Bronx.

Jacob & Co. (Jewelry) – Canon C100

POS (Commercial) – C100

Cohero Technology (Medical Video) -Canon C100

Designing with tile (webisode) 

Shapeways (startup video) -C100

MyRegistry (promo video) 

Remy (corporate event) – Canon C100

Virtue Foundation (non-profit) 

HowAboutWe (startup video) -C100

“Man of Steel” Premiere (Red Carpet) – Canon C100

Urban Future Lab (corporate video)

Credit Report (White background)


Magnolia Bakery (startup video) -C100

Atmananda Yoga 1 (Fitness) 

US Web Academy (Corporate Promo) 

Biscuits & Bath (small business promo) 

The Nightcap (How-to video) -HVX200A

The Man Repeller 2011 (Fashion) – Canon 60D

GOTHAM Beauty (Red Carpet) – HVX200

Charles Crest (How-to video) -HVX200A

SAG Conversation (seminar)

Voices of Dignity (fundrising video) -HVX200A

INTA (corporate video)

SAG Conversation (seminar)

Atmananda Yoga 2 (Fitness) 

Atmananda Yoga 3 (Fitness) 

SAG Conversation (seminar)

SAG Conversation (seminar)

SAG Conversation (seminar)

Robert G Veligdan, DMD (promo video) 

BALI Leadership Video (non-profit) – HVX200A

US Web (Corporate Promo) -AF100

Zicam (Corporate video)

MyRegistry (promo) -AF100

Networking (How-to video) -HVX200A

SAG Conversation (seminar)

Russian Bar (promo) -Canon 60D

Pride Toast Master (Interviews) -HVX200A

Bicycle Store (promo) – Canon 60D

SAG Conversation (seminar)

On Deck Conference (Corporate Event)

SalesHacker (Seminar)

New View Broker (Real Estate)

Real Estate video 2

EZ Pawn Promo