Narrative Films

This page shows you my cinematography work for narrative films. I own full HD production gear (Canon C100 Cinema Camera) + HD DSLR package. Click HERE to see a list of my equipment.  And click HERE to see my studio in Bronx.

SCAM (crime drama)

BINGO (narrative)

Amor Fati (narrative) 

NightBox (narrative)

POS (Commercial) – C100

Teen of Steel (Green screen)

TNA (horror)

Shit Yuppies Say (Comedy) 

Tonya (crime drama)

How I Got into Autoerotic Asphyxiation (Comedy)

V’s Secret (Comedy) 

Hanukkah Mannequin (Comedy Central) 

Siamese Twins (Comedy)

Alon (kids movie)

Sharing Hanukkah (Comedy Central) -HVX200A

M LaBanca (acting reel)