Music Videos

This page shows you my cinematography work for music videos. I have shot over 40 music videos.  I own full HD production gear (Canon C100 Cinema Camera) + HD DSLR package.
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My Brother (music video) 

Bye Bye Baby (music video) 

Birds (music video) 

Untitled (music video) – HVX200A w/Lens adapter

Kids Music videos A 

NightBox (music video)

Spotlight (music video)

Domino (music video) 

LLTLO (music video) -Canon C100

The Otherworld (music video) 

Straight Out of Wall Street (music video) – HVX200A

Billy Butcher (music video)

Roll Dice (music video) 

Next to Me (music video) 

Kids Music video B

Played Out (music video) -HVX200A

Dance Dirty (music video) -HVX200A

Amazing Grace (music video) -HVX200A

REVOLUTION TIME (music video) Canon C100

Kids Music Video C

Fire Fly (music video) -HVX200A + Canon 60D

EWJ (dance video) – Canon 60D

La Marca (Music Video) -HVX200A