2nd shooter

I have shot numerous projects with more than one camera crew. I’m an awesome team worker. Videos you see below are projects I shot as a second cameraman.

MakerBot (start-up company video) – Canon C100

Nancy + Michael (wedding) 

Grace + Mike (wedding) 

Zicam (Commercial) -C100

Felicia + Justin (wedding)

Fuel (start-up company video) – Canon C100

Gigi + Amit (Wedding) 

ENDWAY- “Love Again” N.Y.C. (live music) -HVX200A

LittleBits (start-up company video) – Canon C100 & 5DMIII

Diana and Peter (wedding) -Canon 7D

Skillkrush (start-up company video) – Canon C100

Daniel Libeskind (interview) -Canon 60D

Linette and Jose (wedding)  - Canon 7D

Lives of Style (Fashion Week: HBO) -HVX200A

Bauble Bar (start-up company video) – Canon C100

Anna and David (Wedding) – Canon 7D

Splash (start-up company video) – Canon C100

Joanna + Charles (wedding) 

Edyta and Rafal (wedding) – Canon 7D

Jessica and Ray (wedding) – Canon 7D

Tantra Dance (dance video)

Argentina VS Brazil (Sports) -AF100

Wioletta & Krzysztof  (wedding) -Canon 7D

Agnes and John (wedding) – Canon 7D

Purple Honey – Amazing Wedding Engagement Proposal

Kristy + Mike (wedding)

Larisa + Dave (wedding) – Canon 60D

Liliana and Mariusz (wedding) -Canon 7D

Mila + Igor (wedding)

Mary + Mikolaj (wedding) -Canon 7D

Kasia and Matt (wedding) -Canon 7D

Cassie + Eric (wedding) – Canon 60D

Marie (Short Narrative) Canon 60D

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Lives of Style (Fashion Week: HBO) -HVX200A